Natural History Museum Dortmund

Museum for Natural History – Aquarium

The aquarium, which has a volume of 90 000l, was opened in the Natural History Museum in Dortmund in December 2012. The fish, that present themselves in the crystal clear water, consist of indigenous fish such as trout, perch, tench and eel.

The entire system was professionally installed by the company, VewaTech®, Hamm. The water flows over two trickle filters (biological treatment) into the basement of the building and is filtered mechanically, or in bypass mode, by a new aqua Drum Filter D810 (60µm). A large water basin buffers the water volume and, from there, the water flows by means of circulation pumps through two large sand filters, and then back into the aquarium.

An ozone system supports the complete filter system.

Natural Science Museum
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