what is it?
Microfiltration is an energy-efficient and reliable method for separating solids from liquids. new aqua GmbH designs and assembles drum filters for water purification and recovery of waste. 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 µm micro-filters are used.

The new aqua Drum Filter – Principle

new aqua drum filters are unpressuraised filter systems, therefore allowing the inlet water to flow freely into the inner part of the filter drum. The water is then filtered through the drum-spanned micro-filter into the outer part of the drum. The filtered waste water is finally rinsed in predetermined intervals, dependent on water levels, by means of high-pressure nozzles. The drum is rotated during the rinsing process and the contaminated water is discharged directly into the sewer.


Drum filters are used in many areas of industry where waste or processed water needs to be treated. Drum filters have been used successfully for years in the following areas:

● Water treatment in fish farms
● Water treatment in zoological gardens
● Wastewater treatment in sewage treatment plants 
● Process water treatment in the paper industry
● Wastewater treatment in the food industry