Complete Filtering System D510

Article-no.: 214000, 214160, 214110 und 214100

The combination of the Drum Filter D510, the Base Frame U510, the Collection Tank SB510 and the Bio-Chamber BB500 results in a modern, top-class Complete Filtering System!

Drum Filter D510
Article-no.: 214000

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Base Frame U510
Article-no.: 214160

The base frame is suitable for Drum Filter D510 inclusive of the high-pressure pump and Collection Tank SB510. Foot plates can be fitted to the base frame.

Material: stainless steel 1.4301
Dimensions LxWxH: approx 1.370 x 840 x 440mm
Weight: approx 42kg

Collecting Tank SB510
Article-no.: 214110

The collection tank is suitable for Drum Filter D510, together with a mounting bracket for one or two 55w TL series UV-C immersion emitters.

Material: stainless steel 1.4301
Dimensions LxWxH: approx 820 x 530 x 600mm
Inlet: 4x openings for installation of VDL-slide valves DN100 with screw connection
Outlet: DN200 / 200mm
Weight: approx 22kg

Bio-Chamber BB500
Article-no.: 214100

The bio-chamber, together with our modified Hel-X, can be used for floating-bed filtration, or as a fixed-bed chamber with Japanese mats. One or two 55w TL series UV-C immersion emitters can easily be mounted. Foot plates add to the finishing touch of an outstanding and complete filter unit.

Material: stainless steel 1.4301
Dimensions LxWxH: approx 1.300 x 1.060 x 1.030mm
Inlet: DN200 / 200mm
Outlet: 2x DN100 / 110mm (pump connections)
Volume: approx 850l (suitable for 200-300l Hel-X)
Weight: approx 115kg

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