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New aqua drum filters for water purification

When it comes to drum filters, we are your partners

New aqua drum filter systems are the best choice for industrial water purification and filtration. Drum filters are used in any type of water vessels which require excellent filter performance, be it in industry or large ponds.

We meet all the required standards with our innovative products in terms of the huge demand of purification measures in the industry. It’s basically microfiltration – the solution to the separating of liquid and solid components in a micro range. When it comes to thorough water purification, in any area of industry, new aqua’s filter system is the answer!

Drum filters reduce costs

The benefits of using drum filters in industry are significant. The use of a filter system for guaranteed, reliable purification and filtration is a must. Therein lie unmistakable savings and precautionary measures. By using new aqua drum filters unnecessary maintenance costs and repairs can be avoided due to the all-round care and thorough water purification process. Make the right choice and invest in our drum filters.

The drum filter is known for its reliability which is a particularly important criterion in industry. In addition, the filter system is also particularly economical and operates at a very low energy level. new aqua drum filters are available with 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 µm micro-filters. Industrial drum filters are unpressurised which means that inlet water flows freely into the inner part of the drum filter without additional operating pressure. The water is then filtered through the drum-spanned micro-filter into the outer part of the drum. The filtered water is finally rinsed in predetermined intervals, dependent on water levels, by means of high-pressure nozzles. The drum is rotated during the rinsing process and the contaminated water is discharged directly into the sewer. The new aqua filter systems used for industrial and domestic use have three operating modes: 1. Automatic – the cleaning of the filter unit is performed by means of the measurement of the water level inside the drum filter, 2. Timer – the timer is set for drum filter cleaning, and, 3. Manual – the operator decides on the frequency and duration of the rinsing. All-in-all, the new aqua drum filter adds value to the industry!

The high performing drum filter combined with reliability as well as reduced energy consumption can consequently reduce maintenance and repair costs significantly. By using new aqua’s drum filters, industries benefit from the objectives of cost reduction. Our filter systems depict savings and reliability!

Drum filters for industrial use

The use of efficient filtration systems is becoming increasingly important, especially in modern industry. Our drum filter, known for its quality and strength is popular and plays a significant role in the industrial field. new aqua’s drum filter is therefore ideal for the entire water purification process which, with the use of specially designed cables, guarantees perfect mechanical purification of water. The downstream pump station, containing high-pressure pumps, is protected against dirt particles.

Economically speaking, our filters offer a high savings potential and a noticeable reduction in mechanical breakdowns. Industry profits from drum filters, which are long-lasting stable systems with flawless mechanisms, through properly purified water.

Filtration at the highest level: new aqua’s drum filters

As an industry concern or enterprise, you will, above all else, want to lower your costs. If you produce products with which water filtration plays a key role, our filters are your answer! Our drum filters, especially, offer cost reduction and efficient production through economical and effective purification mechanisms.

Our drum filter is the most popular filtration medium in the industry. Choose a new aqua filter system for your enterprise and profit from low production costs. We will gladly advise you as to which drum filter is best for your industry or inform you of alternative options. Speak to our experts, without obligation, who will give you the best recommendation regarding your system needs.

Feel free to contact us at any time, either telephonically or via e-mail if you have questions regarding drum filters. We look forward to hearing from you.

Drum filters for fish farming

new aqua drum filters for fish farming
Drum filters make fish farming much easier. The filter system, specially designed for fish farming, ensures effective and high-quality water purification. Trust new meet your needs. If you are looking for efficient water purification and the optimal drum filter for your fish farming, then various aspects come into it: your filter system should be reliable and service, in terms of procurement and maintenance, should be simple and competent. It is vital that you have a competent contact person who can advise you on everything to do with fish farming: from what your fish need, the quality of your water to which filter is suitable. new aqua’s filters, which provide excellent and unique filtering performance. are most suited to large ponds and fish farming in particular. new aqua’s drum filter is popular both for fish farming and industrially not only for its unique performance but also generally for its outstanding quality.

The drum filter: energy efficient and reliable
new aqua’s drum filter is the solution to separating liquids from solids in a micrometer range. Impurities and plant particles are separated from the water and leave it crystal clear. Our filter systems are not only suitable because of their efficiency and reliability but because they are popular for their low energy consumption which is very important these days. A drum filter that is active both day and night has to use minimal energy. Our non-pressure filter system is ideal and provides excellent filter performance.

Water purification made easy with your top-quality product
Our filter system operates in three different ways: automatically, on a timer or manually. In the latter case, you can decide on the duration and frequency of the rinses whilst the control unit is in timer mode. When on automatic mode, and dependent on the water levels, the drum filter operates automatically when cleaning is needed. Because the drum filter is pressureless, the water flows into the pond, without extra pressure in the interior of the drum filter, after it has been filtered through the micro-filter. The micro-filters are available in 5 different mesh sizes. The captured waste is discharged into the sewer during drum rotation. In this pressureless and energy-saving, but effective manner, the drum filter provides excellent results for fish farming.

Best advice: drum filters for fish farming
new aqua is not only a unique producer of filter systems but considers itself a great contact partner that provides solutions to fish farming and water purification. We solve your water quality problems with competence and special attention. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and with our top quality drum filter products we are able to create perfect conditions for fish farming, our passion. You don’t only purchase a filter system, you obtain the best advice for your individual ponds, inside-tips and a helping hand. Service and troubleshooting is a matter of course as are informative discussions regarding your pond and potential optimisation possibilities.

A unique, top quality and innovative drum filter
new aqua’s drum filters add a new dimension to quality and standard. Our filter systems, which are manufactured in accordance with the respective industrial standards and Machinery Directive guidelines, 2006/42/EC and CE certified, offer optimal conditions for your fish farming. new aqua’s quality is also marked by the utilisation of specialised plastics for all runners, rollers and bearings, NBR drum seals, stain resistant electro-polished exteriors and the use of top-grade stainless steel, 1.4301, designed for drum- and housing construction. New aqua’s drum filters are top quality – Made in Germany. Quality is a top priority for us as well as functionality, efficiency and durability. Have faith in new aqua’s technical know-how and opt for our unique and top-quality drum filters for optimal performance. Play it safe and choose our quality products for your fish. Don’t settle for less, take advantage of our energy-saving and effective drum filters. You will never look back!

An idea became a concept and the history of new aqua began in 2006 when the founder of new aqua, Klaus-Dieter Jager, came up with a simple, self-cleaning, top-quality drum filter. Countless satisfied customers rely on new aqua’s quality and service. Fish farming filter systems are new aqua’s most popular product. Thanks to the excellent feedback and satisfaction of its clients, new aqua continues to strive to further optimize its products. new aqua relies on its customers’ trust and will continue to ensure innovation and quality.

The Industrial Drum Filter

New aqua, founded in 2011, doesn’t consider itself a mere producer of water purification systems, namely drum filters. New aqua’s aim goes deeper. New aqua wants to win you over! new aqua wants to answer your question and find solutions to your problems. Do you have a problem?

New aqua finds suitable solutions! New aqua doesn’t want to win you over only with its products, namely drum filters, but also with its employees’ competence and expertise. Its employees take all your questions and concerns seriously and strive to give you the best possible help.

Customer satisfaction is the be-all and end-all to new aqua, which plays a huge part in the appreciation of new aqua’s drum filters. Best advice – best quality! This is new aqua!