UV-C Immersion Emitter TLSVG

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These high performance UV-C amalgam emitters are also used by certified drinking water purification plants because they are extremely reliable and economical. The result is a highly effective and a non-flow-loss efficient UV-C system. Contamination is reduced and floating algae is removed economically.

UV-C Amalgam Immersion Emitter TLSVG 80/120 watts

Article No. Description Dimensions

UV-C Immersion Emitter TLSVG 80 watts
(without electrical ballast)

23 x 690mm


UV-C Immersion Emitter TLSVG 120 watts
(without electrical ballast)

23 x 1.010mm


UV-C electrical ballast TLSVG 80/120 watts

250 x 65 x 55mm


The housing is made of stainless steel and is completely waterproof. The quartz glass immersion tube is sealed and fitted in the lamp head. A mounting bracket with clips is available for simple attachment. The high-performance 14 000lm emitter has a long lifespan. The tube can be replaced with a few simple steps, and without maintenance costs. This makes the use of this immersion emitter very economical.
Due to the IP20 protection rating of the ballast, it has to be installed in a specially designed cabinet. Only qualified and trained personnel may do the installation.

Accessories & Spare parts

Article No. Description Dimensions
221003 Replacement UV-C tube for TLSVG 80 watts 550mm
221004 Replacement UV-C tube for TLSVG 120 watts 865mm
221005 Replacement Quartz tube for TLSVG 80 watts 600mm
221006 Replacement Quartz tube for TLSVG 120 watts 920mm
221007 Sealing kit for TLSVG 80/120 watts  

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