Münster Allwetter Zoo

African “Jackass” Penguins – Spheniscus demersus

The Jackass penguin pool at the Allwetter Zoo in Münster is mechanically cleaned by Drum Filter S02-7060. The volume of the basin is about 30 000l and is circulated every hour at only 280w. Furthermore, two UVC TLSVG immersion emitters were installed,110w each, to effectively prevent floating algae.

Prior to this drum filter being installed, the pool had to be cleaned once a week due to poor water quality resulting in the water having to be drained.

This costly affair was very time consuming for the maintenance staff and annoying to visitors.

What is the actual meaning of Allwetterzoo “All Weather Zoo”?

A frequently asked question, which has a simple answer! As successor of the old zoo in Münster, the Allwetter Zoo was opened in 1974. The architects came up with the idea to connect all the large animal cages with covered pathways so that “all-weather” visitors would be protected from all weather conditions. Hence the name!.

Alwetterzoo Münster