EPDM Couplings

Article-No.: —

The coupling sleeves are made of high quality EPDM rubber and stainless steel clamps. They are pressure resistant (up to 2,5 bars) and perfect for connecting our drum filters.

EPDM Coupling Sleeves

Article-No. Description
213010 EPDM Coupling Sleeve 110mm
213011 EPDM Coupling Sleeve 125mm
213012 EPDM Coupling Sleeve 160mm
213013 EPDM Coupling Sleeve 200mm
213014 EPDM Coupling Sleeve 250mm
213015 EPDM Coupling Sleeve 315mm
213016 EPDM Coupling Sleeve 400mm
213017 EPDM Coupling Sleeve 500mm

EPDM Adapter Couplings

Article-No. Designating
213020 EPDM Adapter Coupling 110/50mm
213021 EPDM Adapter Coupling 110/63mm
213022 EPDM Adapter Coupling 110/75mm
213023 EPDM Adapter Coupling 200/160mm
213025 EPDM Adapter Coupling 250/160mm
213026 EPDM Adapter Coupling 315/160mm

EPDM End-Caps

Article-No. Designating
213030 EPDM End-Cap 50mm
213031 EPDM End-Cap 110mm
213032 EPDM End-Cap 160mm