Drum Filter

Top quality – Made in Germany

Quality and professionalism of our new drum filter generation is our trademark – both inside and out.

For Fish

Fish farming and koi keeping

Our product line for fish farming and koi keeping. The faster fish waste is removed, the quicker pollutants are reduced, therefore resulting in sustainability.

For Life

Swimming ponds and zoological pools

Suitable for swimming ponds and zoological pools. Everyone who has one of our filters appreciates purified water.

For Industry

Water treatment plants

Innovative filter plant for the treatment of waste and processed water.

Complete filter systems

Sophisticated and innovative

The combination of the drum filter, base frame and collection tank results in a top class, modern and complete filter plant.

ASSEMBLY ON-SITE: As part of our service we offer on-site assembly. For more information please contact us on: 02152 / 8909825


King of Koi Ponds

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New Aqua is your partner for drum filters and complete filter plants!

new aqua water purification drum filters

new aqua – Top Quality – Made in Germany

new aqua represents top quality in terms of drum filters which are compliant with relevant industrial standards. We are available to our customers at all times and guarantee the best drum filters, manufactured in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC and CE certified. new aqua’s quality is also marked by the utilisation of specialised plastics for all runners, rollers and bearings, NBR drum seals, stain resistant electro-polished exteriors and the use of top-grade stainless steel, 1.4301, designed for drum- and housing construction.

How does the new aqua drum filter work?
The filter drum rotates by use of a universal worm gear which is driven by a maintenance-free IEC filter system motor. An integrated flow control valve prevents the circulation pump from running dry. In addition, a specially designed cover reduces maximum noise of the drum filter.

An appropriate filter is essential for effective and sophisticated water purification. Your specialists at new aqua are dedicated towards the optimisation of new filter systems, eg. drum filters. Are you looking for a simple, reliable and self-cleaning drum filter? new aqua is your answer!

The history of new aqua began in 2006 The founder of the company, Mr Klaus – Dieter Jager’s thoughts surrounding the optimisation of drum filters for carefree handling of koi ponds, led to the development of new aqua’s innovative technology for highly effective and sophisticated water purification. The results still show 10 years later!

new aqua’s drum filters are not only considered the best filter systems in the multi-faceted choice of products in the Koi pond market, but are also deemed effective and successful in industrial utilisation. Thanks to the development of the new aqua drum filter and the satisfaction of customers, new aqua has grown successfully since 2006. This basis of trust in new aqua is the foundation of our work and positive outlook towards the future. You need look no further for your ideal and optimal drum filter – we have it – and more: not only do we offer a perfect product tailored towards your needs, we also provide excellent service – whether for industrial or domestic purposes. We, together with our drum filters, which are simple, reliable and effective self-cleaning systems, will never let you down!

We look forward to talking to you, either telephonically or in person, about our products and giving you the best advice and useful tips with regard to your drum filter requirements. It is through active contact with customers that we can recommend optimal technology for your project. The new aqua filter drum is the solution to water purification!

Our drum filter is the first choice for large ponds which require excellent filter performance, as well as for industrial requirements. We are streets ahead! Basically, it boils down to microfiltration – the separation of liquid and solid components in a micrometer range. In the specific case of fish farming – the separation of water and plant particles as well as other impurities.

The new aqua drum filter is reliable and uses very little energy. The drum filters are available with 20 , 40 , 60 , 80 and 100 µm micro-filters. The filter systems are unpressuraised, therefore allowing the waste water to flow freely into the inner part of the filter drum. The water is then filtered through the drum- spanned micro-filter into the outer part of the drum. The filtered waste is finally rinsed in predetermined intervals or in accordance with the various water levels by means of high-pressure nozzles.

The drum is set to rotate during the rinsing process and the contaminated water is discharged directly into the sewer. The new aqua drum filters have three operating modes: 1. Automatic – the cleaning of the filter unit is performed by means of the measurement of the water level inside the drum filter, 2. Timer – the timer is set for drum filter cleaning, and, 3. Manual – the operator decides on the frequency and duration of the rinsing.

new aqua has your optimum filter system. An idea became a concept and today we serve countless satisfied customers with our drum filters and products which are made in Germany. new aqua, with its innovative approach and practical solutions, is the leader in terms of drum filters for your Koi pond and industrial use.

Our drum filters are top quality and of high standard – Made in Germany. We appreciate our customers’ satisfaction from both the private and industrial sector. Your satisfaction drives us as a company as we continue to work on new innovations.

Our drum filters are unique and a proven product. Allow us to advise you so that you make the right choice for the best filter system!